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Ranjit Kulkarni’s short stories are equal parts compelling and equally thought-provoking. Immortal and Other Stories is a collection of short stories, with an interesting mix of supernatural and fantasy genres woven thru it.

Well, life has its way of snatching away the only precious and valuable thing in your life, a loved one. The grief and the trauma of deaths are at times so hard to overcome that the age-old saying of time heals doesn’t seem to work. The author explores the concept of deep longing for having a loved one returned in a touching way.

The Memory Doctor was intriguing but it was the Remembrance that had me wiping my tears. There are other stories too like Immortal that give the reader to think about the necessity of living and material wealth and Born Again, a story that rattled my thoughts for its stark portrayal of grief and an abandoned child.

Stirring in its portrayal of our acute desires, Immortal and Other Stories is a brilliant collection that leaves the reader with pondering thoughts and delves deep into our psyche.

Many thanks to the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Is there life beyond this world? Is there a part of us that is truly immortal? This collection has ten stories that believe there is. These are stories about the soul of loved ones that comes back, the one that stays in our memories, the one that never dies.

In this collection, you will find stories like these:
Can memories be erased? What if there really was a Memory Doctor?
What would happen if a cat called Jumpy took the soul of a loved one?
Why is a leopard in the city talking to a man and vice versa in A Second Chance?
In Remembrances, listen to a young, single father talking to his wife about their daughter who is fast growing.
What does an urban man who goes to his home in the hills find about being Immortal?
Can the soul of a loved one be responsible for a man in sorrow to be Born Again?
Read about these.. and many more.
You will find soul-stirring, moving stories about being immortal in this short stories collection.

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Originally published at on December 21, 2021.




Books, books and more books and of course rain😊 An avid reader, book reviewer and blogger!

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Farshana ❤️rainnbooks❤️

Farshana ❤️rainnbooks❤️

Books, books and more books and of course rain😊 An avid reader, book reviewer and blogger!

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