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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Are you a fan of the marriage for convenience trope? Then you would love Autumn Miller’s Marrying the Heiress. A fast paced read with an in-depth look into changes in behavior and relationships between a couple, the author infuses this romance with a lovely dose of spice on the side.

Daw is forced into a marriage with Kate for a year by which he can claim back his inheritance which his grandfather granted in entirety to Kate who was his carer. The setup was quite interesting and I loved how the author portrays the grandfather in two different ways thru kate and Daw. Kate knows him as a loving and gentle person giving her full rein in designing and introducing her ideas into the renovation of his family home, while for Daw, he has always been a grumpy old man, miserable himself and negligible in his affection towards his only living relative.

Autumn Miller captures Daw wonderfully, I loved how his character is filled with so much hate against Kate initially and changes into one of maturity and understanding as the story progresses. Kate can be seen in a much more positive light as it becomes clear that she is more than willing to give the marriage a fair chance, Being starved of love and affection all her life, she also has a fair bit of growing up to do with respect to forgiveness and moving forward in life. The angst in this romance is made by Daw’s inability to accept his grandfather’s control of his life but the ending was really sweet and lovely.

The story unfolds in three parts with parts One and Three thru Kate’s POV and part Two, their married life thru Daw’s POV which was a brilliant technique, as it enhances the reader’s experience in understanding Daw’s and Kate’s change in behavior and their outlook towards each other.

An awesome debut by Autumn Miller.

Many thanks to BookSirens and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Marrying The Heiress is a standalone, full-length enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a smoking hot guy, with plenty of heat, heart and a happily ever after.

★★★★★”Absolutely loved it! Brilliant. Don’t expect to be able to put it down when you start.” — Victoria


I didn’t expect to inherit a multi-million pound estate — especially under dubious circumstances — but I’ve only ever wanted to be financially secure.

For years I’ve been cast out from my family, desperately scraping together a living, trying to find some self-worth in the process.

But the rightful heir — Will Dawlish — hates my guts.

A-Daw-rable Dawlish, the papers call him. Dee-Lish Dawlish.

I’d like to think we could be friends, allies even, but all he wants is his inheritance back.

And even though Will’s distractingly handsome, even though he’s adored by the country as a cricketing legend, he’s emotionally bankrupt.


I just want my grandfather’s inheritance back. I’ve got big plans to realise, and Kate Parsons has utterly derailed them.

After pursuing her through my lawyers, I’m left with one brazen plan.

Marrying her is the only option.

It makes good business sense; the divorce will be clean and tidy, my finances restored.

There will be nothing romantic between us, because there’s absolutely nothing to like about Kate Parsons.

Not her lies, her mysteries, nor her blatant thievery.

And when she walks down the aisle towards me, I refuse to be moved by her graceful beauty.

I don’t want to notice her dazzling smile.

All I need to focus on is the next twelve months. Except, I also have to meet a stipulation of the pre-nup: consummating this marriage.

If you like your romances sexy, playful, and with guys in full possession of killer smiles, bods and moves, then buy this book!

The Rags to Riches books are a collection of steamy romance stories which can be read in any order, though reader enjoyment will be improved if you start with Marrying The Heiress.

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