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Following the events in Shadow Guardians, the story moves forward thru Zach’s POV. Book #2 in the Blood Shadows trilogy, these books are best read in order to understand the world of shadows created by the author and the central theme of an antagonist fighting to become the ruler of the world.

I am fascinated by this order of ‘number three’ that is a universally accepted fact. Irrespective of the culture or religion, ‘number 3’ holds a special significance. Here, we have a triad of guardians, Kay, James, and Zach each of them having been trained in the arts of fighting with some cool accessories, Kay with her knife, Zach with his shadow sword, and James with his shuriken. Book 1 had Kay along with Ethan as the primary focus whereas, in Shadow Seer, Zach and Emma become the central characters. And all the more interesting that the author has woven the story of their identities thru the abilities of their partners. Like Ethan in book 1, here Emma with her touch seer gift helps Zach to fight for his friends and family.

Zach and Emma have been childhood friends and therefore the soul connection felt genuine and gripping seeing that Emma has been hiding for so many years and they have not been in touch. Zach has a lot of growing up to do thru his journey of acceptance and forgiveness as he discovers that loving is not about torturing oneself by controlling one’s emotions, it is also about sacrifices and trusting your loved ones to be right beside you thru thick and thin. There is also the elder triad, Elizabeth, Kay’s grandmother, Brynn and David guiding the young thru their tribulations as Zach deals with the horrifying trauma of James’ actions. The writing is smooth, and the colors used to describe the shadows help the reader to imagine them in their minds and though there is an absence of an all-out action sequence in this, there is a surge in the intensity factor as the ticking time bomb draws closer.

The story progresses further with Gordon’s POV giving the readers an idea of the evil plans that are in store and I believe this will lead to a thrilling climax in the third and final book with James taking center stage and I can’t wait to grab my hands on that one.

Book Blurb

Their Shadows recognize each other immediately. Their hearts need a little more time…

Emma wants nothing to do with the Order. She fled that life-and accepted that she would never be a Seer-years ago. But when her childhood best friend arrives at her door, everything changes.

Zach’s on a mission. It’s up to him to stop the blood Shadows and Emma might be his only hope. Trusting her, though, that’s complicated… and Zach’s been betrayed once already. What is clear is that Zach’s Shadows have claimed Emma’s and losing her is not an option.

Time is running out and their enemy has the upper hand. Zach and Emma will need to trust each other if they want to overcome the danger ahead. Will they take a chance on love, or walk away and face the darkness alone?

Shadow Seer, the second book in the Blood Shadows Trilogy, is an adult paranormal romance for readers who love fated mates, fast-paced adventure and plenty of spice. Full content warnings on author’s website. Each book in the trilogy follows a different couple and has its own guaranteed HEA.

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