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Rating: 4 out of 5.

To be honest, I had no idea that The Legend of Lady MacLaoch was part of a series when I had read that book in 2020. If I had known, I would have waited with bated breath to know how the author Becky Banks continues the romantic story of the American Cole and Scottish Rowan.

The Legend of the Viking, book #2 in The Clan MacLaoch Curse Series moves the story forward from Book # 1 where we understand Cole’s legacy and the curse that ties Rowan and his clansmen. I was terribly impressed by the character of Cole, in book #1, and here again, she is kickass. She is rude and sometimes too hot-headed to think clearly kind of action girl and that is one part of her that attracted me the most. The Legend of the Viking had one of those scenes where we get to see her fighting, kicking, and screaming with Rowan for things she had misunderstood and therein we get to see clearly at her worst.

The paranormal elements are a notch higher with Cole facing the trauma of the cruel grandfather living literally inside her body. The colorful eccentric characters are not that prominent in this part but I loved that most of them do get a chance to make their presence known. The romance and love scenes are captured in a different way by the author, I am not sure how to exactly pinpoint the difference, but the intense connection between them does come thru brilliantly.

The ending surprisingly has the readers looking forward to another book in the series as Cole’s side of the family is getting involved but I do think the curse should not be resurrected again.

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A legendary love, an unforgiving Viking and a vow made for eternity.

In this second book of the Clan MacLaoch Curse Series we see our favorite characters, Rowan and Cole, return in their most passionate selves yet. Coming off the loss of the Gathering and the thought to be extinguished MacLaoch curse, Rowan finally has a chance at his happily ever after. That is until everything that he loves is taken for granted sparking events that once set in motion, cannot be stopped.

“…it is foretold, in the feral times of man, that another will come to stand between you and that which you love most. If it should come to pass, if his vengeance against you should succeed, your spirit will forever walk this land. This will be the truth until your retribution breaks the bounds of nature and settles the balance. Blood will be spilt, hearts will be shattered, and vengeance once started will not be stopped

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