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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Long Shadow Of Death is book #3 in Nichole Heydenburg’s brilliant conceptualization of a thriller trilogy and what an awesome ride it turned out to be.

I have read both books in the series and was waiting for a chance to complete them. The story begins with Edgar in jail and our main protagonist Delia at a loose end. Yes, she did achieve her aim to capture Edgar but whether it gave her the satisfaction of moving on in life is a question she has to face as incidents pile up one after the other surprising her in the worst possible way.

It is pretty evident author Nichole Heydenburg executed a well-thought plan before releasing these as a three-part trilogy, after reading the first book, no way are we gonna think that Delia is going to become the central character in the story, she was just one voice in the multiple POV narration and in the 2nd as she comes to her own, Edgar still hovers as this dark and menacing energy at her back. Book #3 has the same goosebump-worthy scenes every time Edgar’s POV begins, his deluded belief in being different from other murderers in jail with him and haunted by Johnson with his dripping blood and cut-off flesh was such a scene-stealer. You see, on one hand, it is the creepiest and goriest nightmare-inducing scene but on the other hand, I wanted Edgar to face that ghostly apparition and be scared out of his wits for all his atrocities.

Becca, Delia’s best friend is kidnapped and Delia is convinced it is somehow the work of Edgar but this becomes the trigger for her to make something useful of her life and not depend on the kindness of her friends. Becoming a PI and taking on an assistant, Delia is determined to go to any length to find Becca. The action in the story is gripping with its tight pacing as we see Edgar plotting his escape and the author keeps that nugget of worry alive about a possible face-off between Edgar and Delia. However, I absolutely loved how the author twisted the plot and kept me on tenterhooks throughout.

All the 3 books in the Long Shadow series are fantastic and we can see how the story evolves thru Delia, from a helpless, standing on the sidewalk kind of girl to one of determination and passion for fighting for what is right by the time we reach book 3.

A must-read for fans of thrillers.

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Many thanks to BookSirens and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

In the final book in The Long Shadow trilogy, Delia Wilson is living with her friends, Becca and Joel, and struggling to pay business expenses for her new private investigator company. When Delia takes her dog on a walk one morning, her worst fear comes true. Becca is missing and the only clue is a note from the kidnapper addressed to Delia. She’s forced to take on her most terrifying case yet, saving her best friend.

Edgar Peterson is awaiting trial in Minnesota’s highest security prison. He may be locked away, but he’s far from safe inside the walls of the prison. When he receives an unexpected visit from an old friend who promises to help him escape, Edgar can’t refuse, despite the risk.

Delia is intent on figuring out who kidnapped Becca and she’s convinced Edgar was involved. But how could he have kidnapped Becca from a high-security prison? Everyone tries to convince Delia that her obsession with Edgar is clouding her judgment. But is The Long Shadow of Death finally going to descend?

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