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Rating: 4 out of 5.

What Comes Before Dawn, Book #1 in the Mynart Mystery Thriller has quite an interesting plotline. A woman who suffers from blackouts, having no memory of the time spent, but still remains functional and carries out daily activities has an alluring enigma to it. I sympathize with those suffering with it thou but like Amnesia, this is a plot device that can be twisted in any number of ways to create jaw-dropping thrillers and I did expect one going into Addison Michael’s What Comes Before Dawn. What came as an unexpected addition is the reveal of the whodunnit of the murder which had me gobsmacked, coming out of nowhere.

For readers who love a fast-paced mystery, What Comes Before Dawn would certainly be appealing. But for fans of mystery thrillers who read many novels in the genre, this story would be exciting to read but not gripping enough, and the reasons for this are several. For starters, the POV of the BAD GUY alternating with Paige’s had no element of thrill. I mean the reader is very much aware of who the BAD GUY is in the story and who is stalking Paige so, the psychological scare of being terrorized by someone is lost. Secondly, the twists in the story except for the final one never induce any surprise, coz most books in the genre have the same or similar surprises and then there is the logical implausibility of certain details in the story like the fact that Paige is able to more or less walk into a witness room inside a police station and then she is also able to walk inside a crime area and check things without being once questioned or stopped by anyone, well, I didn’t feel it gelled all that smoothly.

What works exceedingly well, though in What Comes Before Dawn is the subtle dark plotline that runs in the story, and with a small paranormal element added in, it keeps the readers engaged from start to finish.

Looking forward to knowing how Paige moves forward in her life and what new mystery is waiting for her.

Many thanks to NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Dawn occurs just after the darkest part of night, that eerie time between midnight and morning when most are sleeping. What comes before dawn?

Paige Deffer’s mother has been murdered. Her boyfriend isn’t who she thought he was. The more secrets, lies, and murders that are revealed, the more Paige’s world unravels around her. Paige must delve into her hidden psyche to discover who she really is before she becomes the next target.

Paige begins to question everything she thought she knew about her life. When people from her mother’s past start showing up, Paige doesn’t know who she can trust. Is one of them her mother’s murderer? Paige must unveil the secrets of her mother’s past — and her own — before the truth of her death will dawn.

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